Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Pink Fox?

Pink Fox is a lifestyle brand born and based in Washington, D.C. We've been operating in the District since 2015!


What's for sale?

Retail merchandise only - hats, shirts, bags, sticker packages, etc.


If I buy something online, do I get free marijuana?

No! Purchases made through the online store are for retail items only.


But I heard you guys support Initiative 71 and that I can get cannabis or cannabis-infused items from you. Is that true?

True. We provide cannabis and cannabis-infused GIFTS to our clients aged 21 and over as a thank you for supporting the brand. Those items are free and never have any dollar amount associated with them. 


So, how do I get cannabis and cannabis-infused gifts?

Simple! Reach out and make an appointment to purchase a retail item. To make an appointment, visit the Contact Us page or shoot us an e-mail at You can also text or call us at 202.322.6180.


How do I know how much THC is in the gifts I'm getting?

The District of Columbia does not currently allow for laboratory testing of edibles. However, we at Pink Fox work with the highest quality product available. Knowing our starting product allows us to give our customers a rough estimate of the milligram dosage in each edible. Feel free to take a look at our Pink Fox Edibles Menu (w/ estimated mg information)!


I have a question that isn't answered here... What should I do?

Reach out by phone or e-mail! We are happy to answer any question or talk through any concerns you may have.