Never Have I Ever...

Smoked Marijuana...

Well, I have, so I will be putting one finger down. But it is ok if you haven't. It is cool if you have not tried edibles either. There is nothing worse than someone making you feel self conscious about something you have not done, whether it is a choice of opportunity or preference. We have all been guilty of it, and I guess we do it do exude an air of superiority over our who ever it is we are with at that time, but more often than not, that goal is never accomplished. 

I can recall the first time a pipe came to me in the circle. I had no idea what a carb was. I had no idea how to operate it. The person who brought the marijuana to the party found out I had never smoked before and insisted I take "greens". I had no idea what that meant. I was so self conscious, but I pretended I had just dabbed with Snoop and this pipe with whatever "greens" were in it was totally beneath me. As you can imagine, the results were disastrous. I did not use the carb, which just lit the marijuana in the pipe on fire, and what I was able to pull in smoke, I puffed immediately out, as if it cigar smoke. 

My performance earned the boos that followed my first smoking experience. I would try again at the same party, during the same smoking session. This time under the expert tutelage of a friend who knew what they were doing. It was love at first inhale, and has been that way since. 

I can recall, years after my first experience, brining a bong with me to a friends birthday party. I had a serious preparation routine (more accurately - ritual) that involved various cleaners, bottled water, and finely ground flower. A very close friend, upon first sight of the bong, made the following statement.

"I love water bongs, use them all the time, but have never used one like that before."

I took a long look at the bong. Glass piece, small circular base, long glass tube with a mouth opening, removable bowl where the flower is inserted...what was different about this one? I remembered my first time at that party, and replied, "It's cool if you haven't used a bong before. It is super simple."

"Oh, I have", my friend replied, "just have not used one that did not have a bi-percolator."


Marijuana business accounts are being closed without warning on Instagram and Facebook


That sub title surprised me as I wrote it. Social media sites taking down profiles and accounts that belonged to businesses in the cannabis community? I mean surely since Colorado[1] has  not completed imploded or been smitten by God’s mighty hand for legalizing the benign flowery plant, the rest of the country is taking notice…right? Surely, the $109 million in tax revenue collected from January to December 2015 in Colorado from recreational marijuana use is something to pay attention to.  

This past weekend the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. If you did not catch the game, you did not miss much. But at the end of the game, Bronco quarterback Payton Manning exclaimed to the world he was going to, “…drink a lot of Budweiser.” He was not paid to do it; he was just telling the world what he loves to do. He was just an old white man, standing in front of a world, telling us he loved – at best average beer – and asking us to still love him.

I guess what I am asking is, when are times going to change? And when will people be allowed to like what they like, in public, and be proud of liking whatever that is? That $109 million in tax revenue collected from recreational cannabis use in Colorado is a staggering number. Even more staggering is the very next number in this blog.  $42 million was collected in tax revenue from alcohol sales during that same time.

Marijuana based businesses should not feel totally discriminated against. They are not the only businesses under the gun – so to speak. Private gun sales are finally being targeted on the social media sites.  



[1] I am going to use Colorado as a sole example for this blog. To include California Medical Cannabis figures or metrics from Washington is just way more work than I really want to do.