Movies I Want You to Watch TODAY


If you couldn't tell, I'm big into cinema - Hollywood, indie, arthouse, domestic, foreign, whatever. I eat it up. IT DOES NOT MATTER!

I want to share my love of cinema with you on this highest of high days. I will not argue against rainy days being great for binge watching, but a very close second to those days has to be the 20th of April. If you are celebrating the most HIGH of holidays today, I salute you.  

Lite up and chill with any of the five films'll thank me later. And if you work through this list, revisit our very first blog post. But remember to thank me later.


1. Green Room (2016)






















2. It Follows (2014)





















3. The Guest (2014)





















4. Oldboy (2003)




















5. The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down (2006)