A Trip Back Home

A trip home is something I have come to dread. That isn't really anything new. Since college, where it was only a 2 hour drive from dorm room door to my parents, I have all ways hated those long weekend trips home. You try and prepare yourself, but you are never really ready for what a trip home is like. Rushed family visits, games of 20 questions where no one is the winner, and then the passive aggressive day spent ignoring each other. It is all so exhausting. 

This trip was more of the same, but with a little spin. A little background - after college, like any good millennial, I moved back into my parents house. But now I had a fancy sheet of paper to show how smart I was, so I couldn't just move back into my old childhood bedroom. I needed the "pool room". It's really a mother in law suite, I guess those were a thing at one time, but it was not in the same house they - being my parents - lived in so it worked. I was moving in. 

Since moving out of there, my parents have moved a majority of my things into the room. Old toys I refused to let them throw away, about sixteen thousand lego pieces, and stacks of yearbooks with bad handwriting and phone numbers. Among all those things was a plastic tub that contained some true gems. I took photos...of all my childhood vhs tapes.

The first one I can remember choosing myself. 

That Golden Book Video was great. 3 movies on one classic vhs tape. More than movies, they are literal adaptation of books. Better than Gone Girl or even the Danish version of the Millennium series. Sure, the tape itself is someone just narrating the story book illustrations, but it still counts as the best film/ book adaptation to date in my book. I enjoyed this vhs so much in fact, I brought it to "show and tell" in the first grade. Everyone needed to know the story of Scuffy. #neverfoget

Saving space - 4 movies that made me who I am.

My cartoon vhs collection is pretty extensive. It included some of the classics (as seen above) as well as some very weird ones, soon to be pictured. It is sad Ferris Bueller couldn't make a decent Inspector Gadget movie. That character needs a reboot. Especially since his niece Penny and her dog were the true heros' of the show and would make for better role models than Bratz Dollz. Two of the four franchises above have been rebooted. The Ninja Turtles have been Michael Bay-ified. And the Ghostbusters are now women, but in a different universe? But the first trailer references the first two movies? Oh, Hollywood doesn't have a clue? Cool. What happened to Chip and Dale? I imagine they went on a rescue adventure, since their jobs were Rescue Rangers, and something horrible happened. Dale was prone to shenanigans, and I feel like Chip might have paid the ultimate price. Also, that is a pretty awesome job title. 

How many of these Disney cases did we all have?

Stacks of Disney movies were at the bottom of the plastic container. Stacks. I have all three films in the Aladdin trilogy. A few classics, and a few "highly" coveted Black Diamond cases. I guess they are worth some $$$. Which means in reality they aren't. These oversized cases were famous. Every kid knew that shape. If you were a true nerd, you would line them up in whatever crazy order you wanted to have them in that day. I don't recall my sister's favorite Disney vhs. Mine has all ways been and will be Alice in Wonderland. I remember we were both freaked out after seeing Hunchback of Notre Dame. We both bought our own copies of the Lion King soundtrack on cd for our portable cd players. We bought Pocahontas on 9/11 on the way home from school just because we needed to watch something other than the news. I think that is probably why we did not watch it too often. The Goofy Movie was an incredible film. A story of father and son. A coming of age tale that involves Bigfoot, lots of teen angst, and the most beloved fictional cartoon pop star ever: Powerline. I could get this on blue ray. 

Closest I ever got to having a dog while I was growing up. 

Disney made more than just cartoon movies, and growing up in central Florida, you were exposed to all things Disney. The Ugly Dashshund must have been an impossible pitch meeting. "I have an idea for a story. Wife loves dachshunds and has a prize winning dog. Husband loves his wife, but wants a dog for his own. When the prize winning dachshund has puppies the vet in cahoots with the husband sneaks a great dane puppy into the liter. Hilarity ensues. Family values. We never owned dogs growing up, but we watched this movie like any real dog lover would. 

Tree house. That is why you watched this. Tree house.

Caption says it all. We watched this movie and drew up tree house plans, as if what they did was realistic in any world. The oldest son's name is Fritz. They treat animals pretty poorly and their son is in need of some serious mood altering medication - which I don't say lightly - but it's all just another day on Isle de Robinson. 

My first celebrity crush. 

I loved Hayley Mills. Still to this day. She really was my first celebrity crush. And as described above, I had the entire Hayley Mills Collection. 

I loved the Adams Family. More than that though, I love the idea of purchasing the movie at McDonald's. Remember when you use to get things you actually wanted in happy meals or cereal boxes? Thanks to McDonald's, I had a few classics in my vhs collection - Adams Family, Wayne's World, and Babe's in Toyland. Just the classics. 

The true hallmark of any obsessed movie fan. 

Old school bootlegs. Recorded right off the television. This is DVR 1.0. My plastic container oh vhs tapes has an embarrassing amount that look like the above photo. Batman with Michael Keaton. It Takes Two with the unstoppable Steve Guttenburg and Kristie Alley. Heavywieghts, possibly the most insensitive movie to make and include kids in the starring roles. But better than all those were the tapes and tapes...and tapes that contained various edits and versions of the Back to the Future and Indiana Jones film franchises. Half include commercials, half have been edited out. That meant I sat at the vhr and stopped and started the recording each commercial break. 

I think I am going to have to do a part two at some point. I still have some real treasures to go over and reminisce about. Surf Ninjas. Blank Check. Goosebumps before Jack Black. Rockadoodle. I guess I have a new reason to not dread future trips home.